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Our modern dental office provides you with early morning opening times from Monday through Thursday. Enjoy a more convenient visit designed to fit into your lifestyle.

Step Into Comfort

We genuinely empathize with patients who feel nervous or unsure about visiting the dentist. We have all been patients too so we strive to make you feel comfortable and at home in our office.

Caring for You

Our Sumner dentist goes beyond just caring for your teeth. Dr. Crane uses his extensive training and our office’s modern technology to improve your overall well-being too.

Welcome to Your Dental Home

At Dental Care of Sumner, we focus on ensuring you feel comfortable and respected at every turn.

An elderly patient lying in the dentist's chair surrounded by Dr. Scott Crane and his two assistants

Your family’s health is precious and should only be handled by those you fully trust. This view is endorsed by our dentist in Sumner, WA, Dr. Scott Crane, who believes in the power of building relationships and adapting to your needs. When you visit our office, we want you to feel fully relaxed, as you would in your own home. Therefore, our caring team employ an empathetic approach and invite you to become part of our family.

We want you to have the best possible experience that is defined by your personal needs. If you feel nervous, then we will offer a more calming visit with the option for sedation dentistry. When you are on a tight schedule due to work commitments, we’ll do our best to ensure you are seen on time and in the most efficient manner possible.

At Dental Care of Sumner, you are our main priority! We promise to listen to your concerns and allow you to express how you feel (after all you know better than anyone!). Only when you feel 100% comfortable and confident will we move forward to the next stage of your visit. We work at your pace and to your comfort level as we strive to achieve your goals.

Meet Dr. Scott Crane & Our Unique Team

A Washington local who works with his dental family to give back to our community.

Dr. Scott Crane was raised in Puyallup, WA, and has a strong desire to better the quality of his patients’ lives. He leads a team of committed professionals who share the same beliefs and level of patient care

Find out how our caring team is different!

Dr. Scott Crane shaking the hand of a male patient as he sits in the dental chair
Very Empathetic

Relationship building is the key to success in any business, especially dentistry. Dr. Crane and our team encourage you to express your feelings and concerns so we can get to know you better. Only when we fully understand your comfort level, expectations, and goals, can we adapt our care to meet your individual needs.

Our female dental assistant in the dental office smiling in front of two monitors
Prompt Care

We pride ourselves on keeping to a well-timed, realistic schedule. In the world today, time is in short supply, so we make sure we are not a burden but, instead, somewhere you can rely upon and view as an escape from your hectic schedule. You’ll never feel rushed or be made to wait a long time. You can enjoy an efficient, high-quality dental visit, every time you step into our practice.

Our female dental assistant in the dental office smiling in front of two monitors
Our patient being checked by a CBCT machine in the dental office
Holistic Approach

Dentistry continues to move forward leaps and bounds, and Dr. Crane continues to stay ahead of the curve. He has equipped our office with an array of modern technology designed to care for more than just your oral health. Through the wonders of computer technology, our dentist in Sumner educates you on how your mouth is affecting the rest of your body’s systems. He’ll explain the importance of a good hygiene routine in preventing gum disease, oral cancer, or TMJ. These ailments can lead to whole-health issues that can be avoided with good dental care.

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Tailor-Made Dentistry for Your Family

Find your family's dental needs met under the same roof by the ideal combination of a caring team and modern technology.

From digital x-rays to Invisalign®, our dental practice has a range of technology to make your treatment faster, better, and more effective. Dr. Crane combines his advanced training with this equipment to offer an array of dental services to your family.

Our comprehensive treatments have been meticulously planned to meet your personal needs. Discover how we can enhance your smile and boost your health!

We Accept Most Dental Insurance

Discover Anxiety-Free Dentistry in Sumner, WA

We look forward to caring for your smile!